NITRO SIBIR ZAO branch in Neryungri

In 2015, a branch of NITRO SIBIR ZAO in Neryungri has commissioned a new production capacity, which is able to completely meet the needs of mining companies in industrial explosives of high quality and also in blasting rock mass preparation not only in Neryungri region, but also beyond its territory. The planned annual production - 25 thousand tons of emulsion explosives, 5 thousand tons of packaged explosives and 15 tons of explosives ANFO type.

NITRO SIBIR ZAO’s branch in Neryungri was established in 2008, the main activities of which were conduction of blasting operations, production and distribution of explosives. Customers for preparation of explosive rock mass in the area of ​​Neryungri coal are such companies as OOO “Kolmar”, ZAO “Malye Razrezi Neryungri”, ZAO “Erchim Than”. Currently Neryungri branch prepares over a million cubic meters of blasted rock mass on a monthly basis.

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