Mobile production facility

Mobile production facility includes:

  • MSZ-14MT mix-charging truck of the truck-mounted plant type;
  • 1-2 mix-charging trucks, e.g. MSZ-16;
  • a tank semi-trailer  for transportation and storage under the required temperature conditions of  the solutions of oil-phase (OP), gas generating agent  (GGA) and water spray (WS), in the volume of 20 m3;
  • a delivery truck for transportation of AN solution. Herewith the delivered solution is used in the technological process.

The economically optimum scheme provides that emulsion is produced by MSZ-14MT machine at the production area, which considerably increases the efficiency of the complex.

In this case the emulsion produced in MSZ-14MT is loaded into the mix-charging truck of MSZ-16 type, MSZ-20 or other type. Besides, the emulsion can be loaded in delivery trucks of MT-20 type or KT-20 type and transported to the work site.
The productivity of the complex as per the emulsion is up to 28 tons per shift (8 hours).

Maintenance is carried out by a team of 5-6 people (taking into account overlapping specialties).