There is a range of modular mobile equipment developed for various applications allowing production capacities from 10,000 to 200,000 tonnes per annum of emulsion and granular commercial explosives.

In addition, there is a possibility of using semifinished oxidant and fuel solutions that maximize technological efficiency and minimize the number of employees.

If no ammonium nitrate solutions (ANSOL) are available at the facility, additional equipment can be included with the complex:

  • mobile unit for the preparation of oxidizing solution;
  • modular mobile boiler plant working from a steam generator.

Production requires preparation of Sibirit™ emulsion, other emulsion explosives components and water supply in on the location for modular technology installation.

Production of 1st class industrial emulsion explosives – Sibirit-1000™ and Sibirit-1200™ is carried out in MSZ-16 and MSZ-20 mixing-charging trucks directly at the blasting operations site, during hole charging.

Loading ammonium nitrate into corresponding mixing and charging trucks for production of ’mixed on the job’ blasting agents can be completed at the manufacturing facility.

Engineering support and administrative management facilities are located near the production building.

The annual capacity is defined by the requirements of drilling and blasting operations.

Such production premises are often located next to the explosive materials warehouse.

This type of operation provides full explosive blasting.

When necessary, the mobile system can be rapidly moved according to changes of geography, concentration of blasting operations and raw materials delivery logistics.