The deliverer of the components of emulsion explosives of Sibirit™ type consists of a traction vehicle, a semi-trailer container chassis and a container. A container is intended for transportation of non-explosive components of emulsion explosives of Sibirit-1000™ and -1200™ types (emulsion, water spray solution and gas generating agent) by auto truck transport with the further reloading of these components into mixing-charging trucks working at the mining enterprises considerably remote from the stationary module. Total weight of the transported components - 20 tons. The aluminum alloys used in the container construction allow to considerably reduce own weight of the deliverer and ensure that the gross train weight comply with the norms of the Requirements for Transportation of Large and Heavy Loads. The drive on the emulsion pump is either hydraulic or electric. In order to facilitate the loading of emulsion into charging machines the deliverer is being equipped with a hollow swinging arm. In order to reduce the implications of emergency situations the emulsion tank is equipped with fusible hatches and rupturable membranes.