The implementation of the original technique of NITRO SIBIR was achieved through the creation of industrial complexes for producing commercial explosives in various regions of the Russian Federation.

In 1996, together with OAO «Yakutugol» a modular production system for manufacturing Sibirit™ was commissioned at the «Neryungrinsky» coal mine (Republic of Sakha-Yakutia);

In 1999, started producing industrial explosives in modular systems at «Bachatsky» coal mine (Kemerovo region), where in 2002 together with OAO «UK «Kuzbassrazrezugol» formed a specialized enterprise OOO «KRU-Sibirit», which is one of the largest producers of industrial explosives in Russia;

In 1999, facility for production of explosives at «Mezhdurechensky» coal mine (Kemerovo region) was launched;

In 2002, ZAO «Sibirit-3» (Kostomuksha town, Republic of Karelia) began manufacturing;

In 2007, industrial explosives produced by ZAO «Sibirit-3» and applied processing equipment were certified in compliance with EU standards;

In 2007, approval for use of Sibirit™ type emulsion explosives within the European Union was obtained by the subsidiary company «NITRO SIBIR FINLAND» who started supply of Sibirit™ to Finland on a regular basis.

In 2007, modernization was carried out at «Bachatsky» coal mine (Kemerovo region) with increase of production capacity up to 135,000 tonnes of explosives per annum.

In 2008, the production of packaged emulsion explosives at OOO «KRU-Sibirit» (Belovo town, Kemerovo region) was developed;

In 2009, operation of mobile and modular production systems in OAO «Lenvzryvprom» (Leningrad region) was commissioned;

In 2010, at Kedrovsky coal mine (Kemerovo region); a mobile facility was put into operation with the production capacity of 25,000 tonnes per annum. It is based on innovative technology eliminating the requirement for expenditure on construction of a warehouse and facilities;

In 2010, the subsidiary company OOO «Uralsky Sibirit» (Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region) started producing industrial explosives;

In 2012, production of Sibirit™ at the mobile facility of «Vinogradovsky» coal mine (Kemerovo region) was started;

In 2013, cartridged emulsion explosives production has started at the “CHEM Rock” plant within the subsidiary «NITRO SIBIR Australia» (Kalgoorlie, Australia).

In 2013, industrial testing of Sibirit™ in underground conditions of OJSC Kombinat KMAruda was started.

In 2013 a structural subdivision – NITRO SIBIR Global was registered in Zug, Switzerland.

In 2014 a NITRO SIBIR ZAO subsidiary - NITRO SIBIR Canada was established and registered in Montreal, Canada.

In 2015 an emulsion explosives production plant was put into operation in Kalgoorlie, Australia.

In 2015 construction of the storage was completed and explosives manufacturing started in Nalaikh, Mongolia.

In 2015 a reloading site was constructed in Ylivieska, Finland.

In 2016 manufacturing of packaged ‘Sibirit’™ in low diameter at OOO ‘KRU-Sibirit’ (Belovo, Kemerovo region) was put into operation.

In 2016 emulsion explosives manufacturing plant -  ‘NITRO SIBIR’ AO branch in Neryungri (Sakha Republic) was put into operation.

In 2017 emulsion explosives manufacturing plant was put into operation at ‘North-Western Phosphorous Company’ (NWPC) in Murmansk region.

In 2017 construction of the packaged emulsion explosives manufacturing plant was completed at ‘NITRO SIBIR’ AO branch in Neryungri (Sakha Republic).

In 2017 construction of the packaged emulsion explosives manufacturing plant was completed at OOO ‘Lenvzryvprom’ (Elizavetino, Leningrad region).

In 2017 construction of the technological modular manufacturing unit for production of the industrial components of the emulsion explosives at ‘Krasnobrodski’ coal mine, Kemerovo region.

In 2017 packaged emulsion explosives manufacturing line (production capacity- up to 1200 tons per year) was created at JSC ‘Almalyk Mining-Metallurgical Complex’, Almalyk, Republic of Uzbekistan.