• Zhuchenko Evgeny

    Chairman of the Board, CEO

  • Ioffe Valery

    Technical Director
    Board member

  • Zharkov Andrey

    Production Director
    Board member

  • Elizov Oleg

    Head of Commercial Department
    Board member

  • Khairutdinov Frad

    Head of Finance & Corporate Management Department
    Board member

  • Aleksandrov Yuri

    Head of Blasting Technology Development Department
    Board member

Control of the current activity of NITRO SIBIR ZAO is handled by the Chairman of the Board and the Board of the company, accountable to the General Meeting of Shareholders. The Board of NITRO SIBIR ZAO acts on the basis of the Charter of the company and the Regulations on the Board.

Chairman of the Board is responsible for the formation of the strategy and objectives of the company relating to economic and financial issues, accounting and reporting, production and commercial activities, human resources, science and technology, investment and corporate policy; security, legal support of the company and activities organization of the company.

The competence of the Board consists of:

  • development of the company's priorities and long-term plans for their implementation;

  • preparation of the report on the implementation of resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders;

  • addressing other issues of current activities of the company in accordance with the resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders, as well as the issues transferred to the Board by the Chairman of the Board.