One of the core areas of NITRO SIBIR ZAO operations is providing consultancy services to mining enterprises in the field of drilling and blasting. A key success factor for the drilling and blasting operations carried out by NITRO SIBIR and its affiliate structures is the most complete use of the technological advantages of Sibirit™ emulsion explosives in various mining and geological conditions of particular deposits. Another factor is accounting for the application of the explosive charges of composite structure.



Nitro Sibir ZAO provides a full range of services in organizing the works on rock mass blasting preparation, including:

  • preparation of the technical and licensing documentation, required for carrying out blasting works;
  • development of Typical Drilling and Blasting Patterns and of Mass Explosion Project with the use of the Nitro Sibir Software that takes due account of the performance characteristic of Sibirits™ on the rocks with diverse physical and mechanical properties;
  • consulting services in the sphere of drill and blast operations for achieving optimum parameters of the blasted rock mass with account of actual mining and geological conditions of the deposit, in order to provide the efficient use of excavating, transporting and crushing equipment.

NITRO SIBIR has developed an original “NITRO SIBIR Software Package” for calculation of rational drilling and blasting parameters and evaluation of the results of multiple explosions. “NITRO SIBIR Software Package” is developed on the basis of many years’ experience in the field of industrial application of Sibirit™ type emulsion explosives in various mining and geological conditions.