Nitro Sibir ZAO provides a comprehensive raw material components supply chain for the enterprises, constructed with the use of the technology developed by Nitro Sibir, and of spare parts for the technological equipment, mix-charging and delivery trucks.

With a vast experience in defining the necessary characteristics for the raw material base Nitro Sibir is enabled to produce qualitative high-technology products.

Due to the fact, that the enterprises are geographically dispersed, Nitro Sibir ZAO cooperates with the majority of the largest manufacturers of the raw material components, such as - SIBUR-Fertilizers OAO, Azot OAO (Berezniki town), Acron OAO, Dorogobuzh OAO, Cherepovetz Azot OAO, Lukoil OAO, Gazpromneft OAO, etc.

Nitro Sibir ZAO also carries out the production of the emulsifiers by their own formulations and technology at two chemical enterprises.
Depending on the requirements of a certain consumer a wide range of emulsifiers is offered.